Luc Mamet will race in the FIMCEV Stock600 for the Stratos Team

The Mauritian rider will ride a Yamaha R6 from Team Stratos in the European Stock600 Championship, which shares the track with the Moto2’s in the FIM CEV Repsol.

Mamet, who came from running last year in the British championship Thundersport GB with 5 podiums and a pole position, has decided this season make the jump to the FIM CEV, a first class championship level with great international projection.

 This will be the first year in which Luc will compete in a competition of such a high level and in one of the most demanding and equal categories, as Stock600 shares track with the prestigious Moto2. This means that the 2017 season will be a challenge for the Mauritian rider, as he does not know the circuits on which he will be racing the 7 rounds that the championship consists.

For this reason, the main objective is for Mamet is to adapt as quickly as possible and to learn step by step, accumulating experience in order to give shape to the ambitious project that he and Team Stratos have raised to two years. The aim of this project is to end the Mauritanian rider as the first in his country to reach the World Cup. To face this great challenge in the best possible conditions, Luc has decided to move his residence to Spain thus having better conditions when it comes to training and preparing the races. Also, Mamet and the Team Stratos will be present this week in the Cricuito of Albacete to carry out some tests that allow to start the season in the best possible state.

Luc Mamet: «I am very happy and proud to join Team Stratos for the European Championship of Stock 600 in 2017. It is a great step forward for me and I am confident that with the support of such a professional team I will be able to do it quickly. I really appreciate the warm welcome that the team has given me as it makes me feel part of a great racing family. Being the first Mauritian rider to run in such a high level competition makes it all the more exciting, making history in my country. I want to thank all my sponsors, my family and all those who are supporting me in this adventure that will surely be a success.»

Luc Mamet Luc Mamet
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