Niko Mäkinen, Open1000 RFMECEV Champion, renews with Yamaha Stratos

Niko Mäkinen, Open1000 RFMECEV Champion, renews with Yamaha Stratos

The Finnish rider continues one more year with the Yamaha Stratos after winning three titles in the last two years and with the main goal of keep improving in all the tracks.

This 2018 season of the RFME Spanish Championship the Yamaha Stratos continues with its pupil Niko Mäkinen. With only 24 years old, the Finnish rider is already a leader in Europe and Spain after having won the title of FIM CEV Private Superbike Champion in 2016 and Open1000 Champion and 2017 Yamaha Challenge.

Niko Mäkinen landed at the Yamaha Stratos structure in 2014, starting his professional career in the European Superbike Championship. Born in Turku, Finland, he is one of the leading riders in his country and a rival to beat in the Spanish Championship this season.

Niko wants to revalidate the title, achieved in 2017 and continue improving as each year his times in each of the tracks that make up the championship on the Yamaha R1 Yamaha Stratos.

The RFME Spanish Championship ​​starts at the Albacete Circuit on april 8th, being the first of the six punctuable races of this year.

Niko Mäkinen: «I am really excited to be with the awesome team Yamaha Stratos again and can´t wait for the races to begin this season. This year we hope to progress even more with my speed and as a team to get the best result posible at the end of the season. The preparation for this season has been fast but throughout and we are ready for the battles this year. Thank you all that make this possible for me».

Manuel Alonso «It´s an honor to have another year with Niko Mäkinen on the team, for us it is part of the Stratos family and we are very proud of the enormous progress that has been achieved year after year. Since he started with the Yamaha he has been growing sportingly and this season for the whole team is a major challenge due to the high level of the championship. We want him to follow that evolution and can continue adding titles and podiums with Yamaha, Dunlop and Stratos».

¡A qué esperas para compartirlo!
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